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Sep 17, 2023Liked by Alex Ewerlöf

> * What if the network connection is unstable or has jitter?

> * What if the client machine has performance issues?

I actually think both of these still are valuable to know about. Google's Gmail team discovered that the average loading time for Gmail was super high once they started measuring it from the client. They discovered that most of the clients were based in country with low-quality Internet with low bandwidth and jitter. While they couldn't fix the clients' network connection, they could still employ caching & retry policies etc.

When it comes to performance issues in the client, you _can_ still make your application less performance intensive - maybe even move performance-heavy from client to server.

Knowing how customers actually perceive the product is key. If you know the experience is sh*tty* when measure in the client and you can't do anything about it (ie. real-time video over a bad Internet connection), it might actually hint that you haven't built a viable product that works.

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